Curtain Wall Restoration & Waterproofing

Brown Brothers Waterproofing is a trusted Colorado Waterproofing Company with over 50 years of combined experience. We continue to operate in the same principles of honesty and integrity that we were founded upon. We want to make your waterproofing project hassle free while exceeding your expectations. Our dependability will be something you can come to lean on and have confidence in. At Brown Brothers Waterproofing, we not only provide the best quality work, but we also pride ourselves in providing a stress free experience for the client. We offer a wide array of services, and are equipped with the knowledge and experience to fulfill your Curtain Wall Restoration & Waterproofing needs.

Curtain Wall Restoration & Waterproofing

All Curtain Wall Sealants

Penetrating Sealers

Wall Coatings

Building Cleaning

Wall Patching

Expansion Joints

Masonry Tuckpointing

Brick and CMU Repair

Masonry Lintel Waterproofing